My admob earning is decreasing day by day

My admob earning is decreasing day by day, what exactly is causing this, since 25 days my earning is half now, maybe because of admob old sdk

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use simple trick … change ad units i hope you happy after use this

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Pravin can you share your any contact, I can help you.

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Bro i have question my app got ad limited i don’t know why i have big amount of user and my app is on play store and i only have used banner ad of admob

It’s the month of January. Jan to March is the Economic enclosure period. You may face a sudden drop to your earnings during this period.

It’s been confirmed by Admob itself, while I was connected to its support team.

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because of ad limit you see my earning :frowning:

Tallwin Life is a cheat fund right? You’re collecting direct money from users. This is an illigal business model in India.

I would love to get this informed to the relevant authorities, if it’s found true what I suspected.

but it’s not my business or cheat fund app it’s just for helping purpose :smiling_face_with_tear:

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but i don’t have any problem now i am using unity & applovin ads

Same problem I am using Facebook ads

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But you’re the one , who is promoting it.

Yes, it is a cheat fund. All the chain marketing is kind of a cheat fund.

How, and whom do you help with this?

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well in simple word people use my app for browsing “xyz business plan” it’s simple because people don’t want to do hard work they want quick action so my app help him to get fast access.

I understand. But Pyramid scheme is a pure scam, and you should not endorse such things knowingly.

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ah okay so i will not use admob ads :laughing: