Music app (90% completed)

I am making this music app for a client. It’s still in progress so may contain some bugs. If you find any then please mention them :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t own these songs or images. I am just using them as a demo.
Please suggest if you think I can improve something :smile:

Screenshots =

Download =
APK = Click to download

Demo account =
email = [email protected]
pass = 1212

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If you want me to make an app for you then inbox me :grin:


Good user interface, but the experience is buggy

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Wonderful UI Brother .
Want to ask something

  1. Which font you use in login screen
  2. For play videos Which extension you use ? or if any by default component ?

Thanks -

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hi, thx for trying the app
yeah it’s buggy and I am trying to make it bugless :sweat_smile:

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  1. can u provide image of the font?
  2. I am using plyr extension by @zainulhassan