Multiple Color UI Design in niotron

Created theme color lists and then creat ( result ) procedure where you can set component color .

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  1. Your blocks are unreadable and blurry. To obtain readable and high-quality blocks, please right-click, then choose Download Blocks as PNG.

  2. I know you’re trying to implement different color schemes, but you use redundant blocks in your procedure “colorul” (should be changed to ==> Colorful?). Instead of setting colors multiple times, why not use for each item in list?

  3. There are spelling mistakes as mentioned.

  4. Why not use a JSON file to contain all of the colors? If you use multiple colors, you need multiple color schemes for every single screen and it increases the workload of the Workspace. Rather, use a JSON file to store all of the color schemes, upload it to the assets and read them.

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thanks for idea to use JSON file :star_struck:
i don’t get it how to use for each item in list . i have 5 colors so i need 5 for each item loops. and then set data from JSON. is that! :thinking:
it’s not colorul it’s colorui ( chage ui color ). :laughing: