Mopub Acount Suspend

Helo Dear . My Mopub Acount Suspend, Is This Posibal To Re Open Mopub Acount?

Why suspended? Did you recived any mail from mopub…

No Email recived. when I Have Login. Notifcation Show Your Acount Has been Suspended.

This community is for any error or problem in Niotron or app made on Niotron it’s not a place to talk about how to reopen the Suspended account (For this You should talk to mopub customer care )instead of this you can share how your account got suspended so that other users can get an idea how to save their account Thanks Aditya

For this you must talk to Mopub Service

Thanks for reply, But Dear We can Talk About this only. Every Mamber have Give Suggestion For this.

Just reopen a new mopub account from new email & pc …also use new app from new console

But what if they have your ip ??

Which type of app use for MoPub ?
Are you using Earning App , Rewards App.?

no dear simple app in one app i have use Rewarder video ads

my mopub account also suspended

oh. sad dear . but wo dont know what happened. every thing working fine. no email of suspensions

Mine 2, i send them MSG wait for 1 week. for there reply.
Mine connect with 7 to 8 app, all gone , today earning is 0.

Dont teach (negative/against policy) things, better use ironsource, move to ironsource,
If you wan native ads, use startapp.
Ask niotron to solve start app issue (in native ads)

You Are right, But Problem Is That iron source Not Work In Pakistan.

Vungle/ applovin/startapp/ adcolony. many option.

Or just wait for 1 week i will give update, it can be a bug, if we can get back our account.

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i have also sent a message to mopub Team. Wait What He say.

If no earning, what i will do, some 1 give me job.

Please check your mopub acount, many are getting suspend without any rezion.

They suddenly suspend my account without any warning, my today earning zero.
Not a single impression.

If your or any other user’s account gets suspended Niotron is not responsible for that. Kindly contact the support team of Mopub to know more about your account suspension.