Monetag ads

public class App extends Application {

static InterstitialLoader interstitialLoader;

public void onCreate() {
    /* ... */
    interstitialLoader = NotixInterstitial.Companion.createLoader(/* your Zone ID */);


@Sanket_Chavan please explain more about your problem

Do you want to build Monetag ads extension?
Please explain more about your issues, so we can help you in right way.

How I Can Contact You

How I Can Contact You Sir

The guy of this post didn’t real answer your question.

but please help me to build the aix for the Monetag Ad with all some few features to increase our earnings

@Nerotech please elaborate more

@JEWEL_JONY Please see what he’s saying

I need aix for Monetag

if possible the aix can have the features like to track an inventory with the customization of tracking the type of ad the user has already seen and shouldn’t see it twice, because if the user sees the same ad twice or five times the Monetag decreases the eCPM and impression as well.

Can I just end from there @iaditya_nanda

I’m also unavailable to understand him.


You can contact an extension developer for that