Missing Privacy Policy?

So all services require a privacy policy by law, but I can’t find one for Niotron? Not even on the sign up page, where most platforms put “By creating an account you agree to the ToS & PP”…

So, @NiotronStaff, can you please post a direct link of your Privacy Policy, as well as a picture/reference where the user can find it (homepage, about menu etc etc)

Thanks for bringing it to attention. We will link it up somewhere in our site shortly.

Thank you, be sure to act fast before the platform grows and a bad guy finds out :wink:


Any updates?

It will be fixed along with the other bug fixes in the upcoming patch

And what’s the estimated date?

No dates decided as of now.

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Was it released in this update

Yes, it showed me to agree while signup.

really it doesn’t showed to me. so where is it? @NiotronStaff

Got it :grin:

What about the creator

there is option for privacy policy on builder but there is no privacy policy

@NiotronStaff kindly reply to this topic as hiding from stuff like this may get you in legal trouble. I still want a link for the Tos and PP!

do not spam. they will add

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If you think that they’re stealing any things like data from your device, then dont use until they give you link.

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you are a prokoder so why you want to use this builders.

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Guys no fight please :grin:


@Techno_Vedang your age is change everytime in your profile?? :laughing:

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Where’s this privacy policy, guys? It’s been 2 months. Do you want to get sued or what’s the deal?

Privacy policy updated. Here’s the url

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