Message in audio: Hide text in audio files

An extension that as the ability to hide text messages in an audio file without worsening the quality of the audio and read the text back.

The changes that extension makes to the audio file is not noticeable even the size doesn’t change at all.
An extension completely made by me. You can also call this a mini version of Steganography in a very different way.

Currently, it accepts only English alphabets. Make sure it doesn’t contain any numbers, space and special characters. I will try to remove this disadvantage in the upcoming versions.



The event raised when the audio encoding is finished. key is a string which is needed to decode the message properly. It contains the data which is needed for the decoder to understand in which way it’s encoded.


The event raised when the message decoding from the audio is finished. message is the value which is decoded. If you have any characters which should be not there as said above, there are chances that data corruption may happen.


Encode text message into the audio. It’s better to provide the audio file which is uncompressed. The encoder can put like maybe 60 characters into 0.4 seconds audio.


Decode the text message from the encoded audio file. The key here provided should be in the format of base 64.


Do NOT republish the extension until it’s necessary to do.

AudioM - Extension

If you have found any bugs or issues the please let me know.



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