Material Text Box Error Message Not work

Hello Community i am try to show error message in Material Textbox but it’s not work . Can anyone help me to fix that or if need any extra step

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 2.59.29 PM

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Use Notifier

Do you understand what i am asking. I not asking alternative (I know very well). If you have suggestion about that then share with me .

If {example click}
then {material - text - (error-message) }

If this is not ok show your block code.

It does not work, either with the blocks themselves or with the general one, nor with the visual properties, it is not displaying the text.

I just tried it and it doesn’t really work, probably it could be a bug or maybe there is something I’m doing wrong?

I created a Material_TextBox, and set Error Text to “ERROR”:

Then I made a simple conditional statement like this:

The result is:

I don’t know where the ErrorText should appear.

Anyway, alternatively until that issue is solved, you can do it manually, you can create a red label, and make your own Error function in which you specify that the MaterialTextBox border is red, add an error icon, and make the label visible.The advantage of this is that you have more freedom and control over what you are doing.