Material icon names displayed instead of icon symbol

Material icon Names displayed instead of Icon symbol while loading the screen let me know if any changes required in settings?

Video link :point_up_2:


You talked about video but you only posted a screenshot.
Show your blocks or design screen whre you set the icon symbol

Apk file
Test.apk (5.0 MB)

Screen Shot

can you show me the upper part of the qualified property because if you have selected custom font then font type reference doesn’t work

Try using a material icon ttf or otf file, @techVsurya.

Thankyou @iaditya_nanda i will try.

uploaded ttf file but problem not yet resolve. :smiling_face:

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Try this:

and post the Screen.Initialize event block of the screen.

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Not working for me.


Disable one block at a time and try again each time.
EDIT: Disable all blocks first.

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Problem found while creating Dynamic list.

make a delay in the dynamic component procedure because material icons were not able to load because there were so many procedures on the initialize block.

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Thankyou @iaditya_nanda @Anke

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