Lottie / Gif - file can't work / support

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Lotti / Gif - file can’t work / support
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Json_text_tested (1).aia (19.3 KB)

Screen name is - scr2 lotti file not work & how to open listview pickup data in another screen ?

What exactly is your question, you want to send clicked data from list view to another screen or you want to use Lottie animation

We have two question

  1. Lottie animation not work
  2. send clicked data from list view to another screen

For lottie animation prefer using this way

According to his solution, he is telling that you have to use different Lottie components for different animations

For sending data from one screen to another
These are the blocks for Screen 1


Block for Screen 2(I have named it as checking)



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Json_text_tested.aia (20.1 KB)

you have suggest me but it can’t work…

  • we have try to selected listview data open in new screen & next and previous button work in new screen, but it can’t.

we have upload file check it.

Json_text_tested(1).aia (20.1 KB)

I have made the required change and now you will be able to send data to another screen