Looking for volunteers to help us solve issues inside our app

Hi Niotron Community,

We have Android App called ‘Roaster Earn’ with over 200 000+ Downloads worldwide and thousands of active users. The app is built in Niotron and as a Backend we are using MySQL.

I have experienced PHP Developer, working at the backend, and a Niotron developer handling the frontend. For the past 2 years we used Kod**** but at the start of this year we recreated the app from Scratch in Niotron, due to many issues in the other platform.

I need experienced Niotron developers, to help us identify ANRs and Crashes, as we are seeing way to many. With each update, we do deep testing, but we have a huge and wide variety of userbase and new issues keep on coming.
If anyone is interested in helping us, contact me and I can provide you our Telegram.
The work will only consists of helping us identify the cause of bugs & issues and report it to my Developers.

We pay for such service, we don’t ask you to do it for free. There is no need to create new threads of the bugs here, because they are alot

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