Login with Airtable DataBase( Niotron) ( tutorial )

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I hope you all will be fine. Here i have some tutorial for you all. I hope you will try this in your project and love this also.

So here we go

This how the Login Screen or Screen 1 look like.:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5:


This is image of the component which used in my. You can use many components. And you can design your UI in your own way.


This is screen shot of Blocks ( Main Part of the App )
You can add many textbox but i only used 2 textbox.
And also i used notifier. When user will enter all the information and click on the Sign up btn. The notifier will notify user Scessfully Login.

ads (1).aia (195.5 KB)

Here is the aia file.

ads (4).apk (4.2 MB)

Apk file.

If you have any problem then you can ask :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you!!!

Jay mahakal


Great tutorial, this can be done more easily with cloudsheets since it has a dedicated query block

For details refer to https://docs.cloudsheets.xyberneo.com


Good work keep it up :+1::+1::fire::fire:


Thanks @VSATISH13

If you don’t mind can we have some chit-chat?


Yes you can and this tutorial is helpful I will recommend you work on Ui.

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