Local SpreadSheet for Storage

Hi Everyone

I am creating a Quiz App, and I want the data (Questions, Steps, Answers) stored locally
within the device and not in the cloud. Ideally a spreadsheet-like format would work well.
However, I dont see a “local” spreadsheet option available.

Does anyone know if there is any extension available for this?
Alternatively, I am open to other local storage alternatives.
Please feel free to suggest.


I think there is no way until this post)) to save data locally… The easiest way is to get data using Baserow database by column… And save data for next sign. Using TinyDB… Or you can get data from Spreadsheet google sheet using Recycler View and save it for next time… Using TinyDB

Hi @Mohammad_Syria Thanks for your reply and your suggestions.
I will try to the google sheet with Recycler View option.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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There is nothing known as “local spreadsheet”

For saving data locally you should use tinydb component


Create json file locally in app ASD then load or save

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