List view selection

I load a list from airtable set it, but when on click i try to get index of LISTVIEW SELECTION from a Global variable, it appears to be laggy, although it is working, but it is taking 3-4 seconds,
when i removed get index of LISTVIEW SELECTION from a Global variable block, it is speedy & working normal
see my blocks

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for me that’s normal :upside_down_face:

how is it normal, it should be smooth & speedy.
Same code run very fast in kod#lar.
there is alot to improve in niotron to compete with kod#lar
Kod#lar is only doing shit on monetisation area otherwise they are best.
Niotron developer don’t make me feel like i wasted money on you guy, i have currently monetisation subscription


call niotron develops for reply, niotron have fully inactive community

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