List view after picking

i made a list its working fine…

but when i clicked in the list item its take some time before go screen2.

here is the video

list_demo.aia (21.4 KB)

here is the all blocks in screen1 i used.


Use the selectionindex of the listview to select the item directly from the second list without having to use the index in list block

Goes out of mind.
Nothing understood

this following method also take time to go screen2.

This is not a much time. It is asusal time only. Do not worry about it

Read it carefully again

and test the switching of the screens after building using the apk file


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its same as before…

not worked…

i treid listView in kodular its working fine… but here is taking some time to proceed…

first pick then process. picking take sometime…

obviously it is the same, but less blocks and should be faster therefore…

did you do it like this?


i tried in both mobile and companion. its same…

and there is only two screen in the app.

By the way,

i have 60 items in list, can i go with this

i used elementsFromString but when i click list item operation not perform. so i choose this method…

does it crash app?

Unfortunately the screenshot is too tiny to see anything… if it works for you it is fine…

I would store the data in csv files and read them on first run of the app to reduce the number of blocks…



can your share block here of csv

btw how to show list divider. list divider only show in companion mode when i made apk and run on device its doesn’t show…?

companion mode

apk in device