Leaked GCP api keys

this error show me in my google play console account in production section

what can i do now Please tell me

Remove the data of your Firebase keys from design and set them in screen initialize block. There, instead of using text block, use obfuscated text.
PS: This error won’t make your app be refused by playstore, but this makes your data in Firebase vulnerable to hackers.

I think App Inventor builders should obfuscate this data by default, since it is a very sensitive data, but this doesn’t appear to be a priority of any of the builders that I have used.

May be Niotron could solve this problem natively. I don’t think it is complcated at all to solve and it would no doubt improve the security of every app that uses Firebase

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Change the data call process if you not use proper data call process this warning you got in future also. If i am not wrong you use firebase database without proper authentication.If yes then change data call process.