Kodular vs niotron

Hlo I am new to niotron and this is my 1st post
I was using kodular before niotron , but now I want to use niotron
I just want to ask that can anyone name the components or features which are in niotron but not on kodular

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There are bunch of new things in Niotron. Better you play around the builder to find new possibilities.

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It has positive and negative sides. You can upload large size aias. This was not possible in kodular. Some features in the kodular don’t work here. for example view pager is not working. It wasn’t working in the view pager in Niotron though. I also used a plugin. I don’t know if it works now. I was deleting the kodular and re-creating them in Niotron. Then I started to edit and transfer the kodular with the plugin. Because when it was deleted, a lot of code was deleted. While installing Aia, it says unsuitable feature at the bottom. Pages with inappropriate features do not open. You need to edit the kodular. Child-targeted ad features work here. Agreed on google play. But if you remember, the kodular made an admob arrangement and the revenues increased. Your admob income here will decrease. It is said to be working though. It will be renewed soon. I passed in July. I made the first payment by credit card and it was instant. But then there was a problem with credit card payments. I can only make crypto payments from my country. I’ve been having problems with every payment for 3 months. The system is not fully functioning. They’re interested, but it’s getting late. Other encodings are the same.

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What is recycler view in kodular is it different from tiny db in kodular?
Is there pollfish in niotron?

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Whom might this fragmentary information (some inaccurate or wrong) really help?
Specify or we should unlist this post.


I think the biggest difference between kodular and niotron is that Kodular staff doesn’t seem to be working in their platform anymore. Some (simple to solve) bugs are there since half of last year. Very important features and simple features like push notifications just stopped working and they didn’t care to update it. They usually appear a few times in the year to say that they will do some improvements and don’t keep the promise.

It is really sad because Kodular brought a lot of great features in the first years. I still hope they can get back in their feets but it is each time more unlikely.

But answering your question directly, I don’t remember any feature present here and not there or vice versa (I know there are some but I don’t remember which ones). Some components work a little different (like firebase for example), but most of the components and extensions work here and there.
I think the greatest feature present here is the possibility to search for blocks (which is possible there with a extension for chrome and firefox, but may stop working if the browser or the website is updated)
Edit: As a negative point, in Niotron isn’t possible to import screens, and this ends up forcing us to have more trouble when we try to reuse things made in others projects.


It shouldn’t be a problem at all to include screens from other projects using WinRAR / 7-Zip and an editor (such as Notepad++), regardless of which AI2 distro it is.


The crypto payment system is not working properly. When I first paid, I deposited the amount calculated by the system. The system said incomplete payment. Missing payment was made because the system calculated incompletely. I mentioned this to the officers. Fixed. In my next payment, he did not approve because the amount that the system compared to the amount requested was different. I said this problem. I don’t know what the next problem will be.

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Your answer is not polite. At first, I was replying to those who criticize my practices, like you. Then I started to take the criticism into account. I have had success in applications. I recommend you too. Actually, my message is to all Niotron staff. They are not rude. But when you delete the message, the problem does not go away. My expectation; When my problem is solved, you can write “our member’s problem is solved” at the bottom of the message.

As I said before, it is of course not a problem to express criticism, but it should be specific and understandable. So name the respective problem / bug individually and show us exactly where it is (component, blocks, screenshots, aia etc.). And then go to the next problem/bug.

Addressing all of this in one go without getting specific doesn’t help anyone.

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“I can only make crypto payments from my home country. I’ve been having problems with every payment for 3 months. The system doesn’t work properly.” When you read them all, it seems that I am talking about the crypto system.

I dont think you need to leave kodular for niotron i do same before 4 months now im regretting because here your problems will never solved you can view my posts and in niotron there is lots of bugs im also shifting to kodular back

I am a Koduler user but I am shifting in Niotron, I think compare to Kodular something better features on niotron, my project is building easily with no bugs, but in Kodular I show many bugs, I like Niotron

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To be honest niotron is full of bugs only…
Dont leave kodular

Niotron’s so called ceo cto are in sleep mode with sasta nasha

Bitter but true

They dont care about you or your project even if you reported same bugs hundreds of time

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To be honest, Kodular is full of bugs, not Niotron.

Why you should not use Kodular:

  • Each of their update is focused mostly in adjusting/updating their commissions

  • If I recall, for free you can only use 5 Extensions

  • Ridiculous review processing

  • Very few components, compared to Niotron

  • Bad Customer Support & Lack of Communication

  • If I recall, they implemented a function to detect if someone is using extension for monetization and prevent this, which is again ridiculous decision.

If they had spend the time to develop new components and resolve bugs, rather than focusing only for their own profits, maybe it could of been a better platform now.

To be honest I still don’t get why would anyone continue using Kodular, when Niotron is available.

Who is making that comparison. Kodular was great, It was then. Now I say niotron is the best option know. Although kodular may have lots of app inventor expert who have been using the platform for years and may assist you faster than niotron, But I believe niotron will gradually get there, if they continue their good work, and not fall back like kodular did. Kodular staff promised us update since January, and I haven’t seen one. Niotron has been better and has down lots of things easier. But I believe the niotron term should make integration instructions and tag it to all their monitization components.