Kodular components not present in Niotron or with different names

Hi there, friends. One of the biggest problems for us Niotron users is to import our old projects from Kodular to Niotron. Sometimes simple things like a space component prevent us from importing a project that took months to create and force us to lose a long time recreating it here in Niotron.

To help myself and others, I decided to take some time (a lot more than I expected) to make a list of components that exist in Kodular but doesn’t exist in Niotron or that exist in both builders with different names (if the name is different it is possible to edit the .aia file and change the component name in all places it appear and the aia will probably work in Niotron after that). I MIGHT HAVE MADE SOME MISTAKES AND MISSED SOME COMPONENTS. FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME OR MAKE IMPROVEMENTS.

May be they exist only here or there or may be in both with different names: Space, Web Viewer, List View Image and Text, Chrome Custom Tabs, Monetization Components, Exoplayer dynamic components (card, image, space, button, label and tex tbox), Material components (material button, snackbar, spinner, textbox, toggle button, Popup Menu)

image Editor
Gravity Sensor, Pressure sensor, Sound Sensor
Animation Utilities, Audio, Battery Utilities, Resource Utilities, Keyguard Manager, Arduino, Bluetooh Admin, WiFi
Banner Ad, Interstitial Ad, Rewarded Ad
Amazon Interstitial and Amazon Banner
Kodular Donations
Cryptography, Decoration, Device Utilities
Image Utilities, Google Play games
Notification, Shortcut Badge
Audio Picker, Metadata, QR Code
Grid View,
Side Menu Layout, List View Image and Text
Custom Progress, Rating Bar, Spotlight, State Progess Bar,
Chat View, Gallery Viewer, Surface View,

03) Components present in both builders with different names
Kodular Floating Action Button, Niotron FAB
Kodular Google reCaptcha, Niotron ReCaptcha
Kodular Custom tabs, Niotron Chrome Custom Tab
Kodular ExoPlayer, Niotron Exo Video Player
Kodular Web Viewer, Niotron Web View
Facebook Rewarded Video Kodular, Facebook Rewarded Niotron
In App Billing Kodular, In-App Billing Niotron
Kodular Unity Ads Banner and Unity Ads Interstitial, Niotron Unity Banner and Unity Interstitial
kodular Package Utilities, Niotron PackageUtils
Kodular Wallpaper, Niotron Wallpaper Manager
Network no Kodular, Network Tools no Niotron
Firebase Authentication Kodular, Firebase Auth Niotron
Kodular Space, Niotron Spacer
Lottie kodular, Niotron Lottie Animation
Kodular Temperature Sensor, Niotron Thermometer
kodular Download, Niotron Downloader
kodular Color Utilities, niotron Color Utils

04) Bonus: Components present in Niotron and not present in Kodular
This is not so useful but if you make aias for selling it will help you since you can try not to use these components or delete them if you intend to use the project in Kodular
Niotron Database
Facebook Ads Adapter, Asynchronous Image Loader, Google Drive, Install Referrer
Chip Navigation Bar, Circular Menu, Custom Alert Dialog, Scratch View,
Camera View, Recycler View,
Sidebar, XML List View, Animations, Beauty
Airtable Database, Firestore, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Cloud messaging, FirebaseCore,
Device Info, Serial, Socket IO
Admob App Open, Admob Banner, Interstitial, Native Ad, Rewarded
Mobile Ads, Ads Consent Form
AppLovin Banner, Native and Rewarded (kodular only has intestitial)
Facebook Native, Facebook Native Banner
Ironsource Banner, Interstitial, Offer Wall and Rewarded
Ad manager Banner, Interstitial, Native and Rewarded
Adcolony Banner and Core (kodular only has interstitial)
Appnext Banner and Interstitial
Chartboost Banner, Core, Interstitial and Rewarded
Mintegral Ad Core, Banner Ad and Interstitial Ad
MoPub Banner, Core, interstitial, Native and Rewarded
Tapjoy Ads
Vungle Banner, Core and Interstitial
StartApp Core, Cover, MRec, Native, offer Wall and Rewarded (kodular only has banner and interstitial)
Unity Rewarded

Even if the component exist in both builders with the same name it still might brig problems when importing. If there is a block or property for a component in Kodular and there is not the same block or property in Niotron the project will probably be imported but that component won’t work properly.
Example: The web viewer component in Kodular has the block “When Cookies Removed Block”, and Niotron Web viewer doesn’t have this block. Even if I edit the aia and correctly change the component name so the project can be imported to Niotron this block won’t work. What will happen exactly will probably depend on each component. May be it just get disabled but in the worst case the project might get corrupted.
When you import a project open all the screens and check if doesn’ seem to be any problem before trying to work in the project again.

I think that’s all. Thanks for reading, I hope it has been useful.


Hello Pablo,

Glad to hear your feedback. However, there are some misconceptions in your post (8 items) that I would like to clear.

  • You said that the Google Maps component is unavailable in Kodular. This should be present in Kodular under the Google category.

  • You said that the Camera View component is unavailable in Kodular. This is correct, but technically, this could be replicated with the Surface View component in Kodular, which essentially does the same thing.

  • You said that the Beautify component does not exist in Kodular. It technically exists, but it is called the Decoration component.

  • You said that the Airtable Database component is unavailable in Kodular. No, the Spreadsheet component in Kodular uses Airtable.

  • You said the Device Info component in Kodular does not exist. Again no, it exists as the Device Utilities component.

  • You said that the ChatView component does not exist in Kodular. Not sure why you say it doesn’t exist, it clearly does (so many people use it).

  • You said that the Gallery Viewer component does not exist in Kodular; it clearly does…

  • You said that the Surface View component does not exist in Kodular. It does; but I’m not sure why you think Niotron has it. It doesn’t.


Here's the part that you posted for reference
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Now here are the misconceptions that you think exist in Kodular but not in Niotron. (4 items)

  • You said that the Cryptography component does not exist in Niotron. Yes it does, it is known as the Security component.

  • You said that the Battery Utilities component does not exist in Niotron. Yes it does, it is known as the Battery Tools component.

  • You said that the WiFi component does not exist in Niotron. Yes it does, it exists as the WiFi Tools component.

  • You said that the Floating Action Button component does not exist in Niotron. Yes it does, it exists as the FAB component.

Here's the part that you posted for reference

I know you have spent a lot of effort in writing this post, but I think it is important to do thorough research. It would always be helpful if you can find someone to proofread your work before you post a topic like this, especially if it is very important.

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You have also claimed that component names are different if they used spaces, for example here.

It’s important to understand how Java works. Since both builders are closed-source (for some reason), I cannot know exactly what is happening, but this is my educated guess.

  • Java files cannot contain spaces. Therefore, in both builders, the Java file name for the components do not contain spaces.

  • When you change your builder language, the system does not automatically “translate” the blocks for you. It has a list of strings of the block/component names in English and the names in the language you set. For example, say there is an XYZ language, then the list would look something like this.

Button: ABCDE

Label: DEFGH

  • You cannot insert spaces in their English names, like La bel. However, you can do this to the translation, such as DEF GH. Builders use this trick. This is why you can import an empty Kodular project with the CloudDB component into Niotron with no problem at all.

Well, Niotron has both SpreadSheet and Airtable Database. I don’t use any of them so I can’t say the differences, but as Niotron has both components, I will keep the guide as it is now.

I have used both components when I migrated to Niotron but as far as I remember the blocks are very different so I don’t think they could be considered the same component.

I meant the opposite.I probably copied these names in Niotron section by mistake while making the guide. The components exist in Kodular and not in Niotron. I will edit this part.

I don’t know how I missed it. It is crazy because I myself used Google Maps component in Kodular :joy: I will edit this part

May be I can create another section with title “Different components that do the same thing in both builders” but as my purpose with this guide is to make easier import a project from Kodular to Niotron even if both components do basically the same as all the blocks are different I don’t think they can be considered the same component.

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I used both components, not only names, the blocks and Design are totally different. I am putting it in the new section too. The same thing about Battery and Wifi

I had no idea what this FAB component could do. Niotron team put a totally not intuitive name:joy:
I will edit this part.


The space appears when you search for a component, but when you drag it to the workspace the space is replaced by “_” symbol. I am not 100% sure, may be I test it later, but as far as I remember, this little difference was enough to prevent a project from being imported in Niotron. If it is not the case I will change this part of the guide too. May be when I had a problem with a component and I thought it was because the difference was the name but it was something else.

That still makes it the same component. The _ symbol does not stop anything.

Spaces have nothing to do with this part. It’s about the file names.

  • If the file names of the components are different, of course it does.

  • If the file names are the same, no.

Not really. Names are a bit different, but the blocks of SHA, Base64 and AES still resemble the same feature.

Still not really. Most of the features of the Niotron one can be found in Kodular, and it’s only about swapping properties for methods.

Are you saying that if I import a project from Kodular to Niotron that contains Cryptography component I can edit the aia file changing this part and the component will perfectly work in Niotron?

Did I (ever) say that? Why do you use extreme words like “perfectly”? Of course no.

I didn’t understand what you meant, that is why I asked. And once again you didn’t give a clear answer.
I could never imagine that the word “perfectly” is extreme. it probably is not such a powerful word in my native language so I translated as I could. What I mean is simple:
If I can’t easily edit the aia and make the component from kodular work in Niotron than I don’t see it as the same component so I won’t list them in the 3rd section. If you think different, ok, but I won’t change the guide. If it is possible easily edit the aia and the Cryptography component will work in Niotron then I will change the guide.

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Yes it is. “Perfectly” means that there will be absolutely no errors importing it from Kodular to Niotron. (of course there is)

Of course not. I suggest you create a category for components that do the same thing but have different naming conventions so it wouldn’t be so misleading (as of now).

Well, or I can import the project with the component or we can’t import the project, I really don’t see where is my extreme words or mistake… But all right, we have different opinions about it, there is no point discussing this 4ever

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