Kodular aia

I will like to transfer my kodular apps to niotron. Before I start I will like to know if kodular aia works in niotrob

Kodular aia doesn’t natively work on Niotron, You’d have to change the Platform specific components.

When installing aia on niotron, it shows which component is not suitable as a warning message. You create the component again in the niotron by deleting it in the codes. Keep your eyes on the screen while installing aia.

In theory, yes, but some components have different names or exist in one platform but not in the other. If the names are different you can edit the aia file (rename the .aia to .zip and open the .scm files renaming the component names) and this way you will be able to use it in niotron.
If the component doesn’t exist you must delete it from the original aia before uploading to niotron. Then you can recreate the function with some similar component or extension in niotron