Know About Cloudinary

Recently I Add Cloudinary component in my project. Its work fine but I dont know that how to get image url after uploaded it on cloudinary.
Its only give public ID not full URL.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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Wait let me check @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja

You Checked Bro? M Waiting For your Reply.

Hello Mr. @killer I Request you to help me on this topic Bcoz you have lotsoff experience to work with Incomplete blocks.

Instead of image url you get public id here, you can easily get the image url from the public id

Will u pls tell me how to get image url using public id?

Are you sure?

I tried but didn’t got success.

In every cloudinary url it contain one unique number so how i could get url.

Hello Mr. @Souvik Pls tell us how to get image url using Public ID?

hello brother hope you are okay
i have a problem with cloudinary component. when i am trying to upload files like video,Audio,images is not working it takes too much time to upload but not complet it. or use the Same block on kodular is working fine and fast upload. please tell me if niotron has his own procedure to upload files on cloudinary fast

Hello dear, please use firebase storage because cloudinary is very costly

I Know bro, but I’m more familier with Airtable. Firebase is liitle hard for me

Nothing hard if you try


Do you want see how to use the blocks or how to use cloudinary website ? :thinking: :thinking:

Yes Pls. I’m Waiting For your help.

Ohk Bro. I’ll Try. I Already Have Airtable’s Premium Package

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Solution :grin:[Exemplo:]

@Mauricio_Cunha an extension for this purpose is already made for Niotron’s Cloudinary component

Here is the link

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