Is unity ads good?

I want to know if unity ads is good for my app
Can u monetize my apps with unity ads?

Would I get revenue loss?

Yes unity ads is known as good monetization software. You can surely try it

I’m not seeing any ads on it tho so I’m wondering

Is Ironsource better in getting revenue?

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Yeah, you can try ironSource, but you’ll get better results if you have a large number of active users.

So what you’re saying is that ironsource generates more revenue than unity ads?

Unity Ads Blocks Please? @connor

Is Conor will be having monetization access I his account then only he can tell you

Thank u

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Just Read this thread.

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@connor lease i have problem when i test my app on (niotron companion build) the app ads are working but when i build that app(apk) and open it on my phon the ads not working what’s wrong ?

Please show us your Blocks


i wish this picture clearer

you should know i have just 2 screen in my app

@Horizon i called (screen 1_ screen 3 )

In screen 3 I can see that use have said that when clock timer then show the ad but… I cannot see where are you calling the clock timer

Yeah it’s clear but we will recommend using snipping tool instead of this way
Just go to your start panel and there search snipping tool

i’m sorry can you tell me were is it (start panel)

By start panel I mean start button present at the right bottom part of your screen(which is to the left of file explorer)

@Horizon sorry i’m beginner just show me some screen or something like that i dont inderstand

Try doing in this way


Unity ads not show

We can’t help you without knowing the full issue
Please provide some pictures if what you have done so far