Is there anyone who understands java coding?

Can you make a extension want for me?

First tell your extension that you want to create

I want it to run in the background when the website name is written in the textbox and then the button is started.

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I want chrome to run in the background

someone told me request
it said request java should be done

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so do you want a website to run in the background? while doing other things in the app?


It says enter 20 characters, I had to leave a heart

someone who knows the extension said it would cost 20 30$ to do

I didn’t do it for a pile

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Anyways, :point_up_2: ?

if you can can you do it for me

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everyone will be happy if i share this app

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There is already an extension as your demand whose name is Background Task Extension

:smiley: it doesn’t work, that’s the problem

i tried but i need to make an extension separately

This extension is working for me

does not support web viewer


how are you

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I am fine Thanks, what about you?

I’m fine too, I’m doing a search about the extension, I still can’t find it

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can you make an extension for me


it will be 2 months tonight

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