Is there a way to revert @Niotron

Sure, here’s the first one.

When exporting APK, installation fails, getting this message - Parsing package syntax error

This usually occurs due to incorrect package name, which doesn’t look like our case.
Maybe the APK gets corrupted during build.

Ok now we will report #bugs in #bugs category

  1. Post a screenshot of this error.
  2. Post the APK.

It’s related to Device SDK Version. If I change the targeted SDK Version to 11, the apk is installing in 12.
App is not installing after exporting from Builder - #6 by skylineserviceltd

Taken under consideration

You must add android:exported="true" also for extensions (if necessary):

Btw, your screenshot does NOT show this error:

That’s why I asked you to post it.

My mistake, my device language was different and I translated it before posting. Still it’s the exact same.

Follow my advice and post a list of the extensions used.

These are our used extensions

So build the APK, decompile it, open the Manifest and check all activities & broadcast receivers

Niotron is NOT responsible for this error. It is the responsibility of the extension developers to adjust this in their extensions.

Note: As I said elsewhere, @Taifun has already done so.

See also here:

I don’t have time to deal with this and I’m sure this isn’t the correct way. Can you tell me which of our extensions needs this declaration (all or only some) so I can find the developers and ask them to update

How should I know the source code of all extensions? :upside_down_face: :woman_shrugging:

As I said

  • build the APK
  • decompile it
  • open Manifest and check it …

Right, I though you knew everything around here :laughing:

Alrighty then
By the way how does updating extensions work ? Do we have to remove previous extension and import the new updated one, or ?

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This is truly a beginner’s question that has been asked and answered hundreds of times on all AI2 forums.

I’m a beginner, never said otherwise, so what will be the answer ?

To update an extension you just import the new version and magically the extension will be updated


That sounds way to easy, I don’t believe it.

Thanks :smile:

Is it really asking too much to do a little research yourself for a change?