Is Qureka lite quiz Ads is safe?

I got a mail from Qureka lite quiz team many times,
They said they pay me 1 rupee per user who went to their website and play quiz through my App,

I want to ask is it safe ?
Did they pay?
Is there any one using Qureka lite Ads on their app?

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Yes , I use this affiliate from 1 years , 100% safe and genuine

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Good to know Thanks :+1: for the info

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Dont Use Qureka literally Your loss

Use Facebook or admob ads

Dear Developer,

Jumping straight to the point, I am Gaurav from the Qureka Lite team & we can help you increase revenue & engagement on your app/ website.

It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is integrate Qureka Lite onto your app/ /website, which takes just 15 minutes & does not require any SDK integration. Every DAU of yours can give you an additional Re.1 daily once you start using Qureka Lite. So in case you have 10,000 users, then you can make Rs.10,000 daily (additional) by integrating Qureka Lite and your engagement also increases.

About us:
a. We are funded by the Times Internet group
b. We are India’s number 1 trivia app
c. We are a Google partner


Gaurav Monga
Head - Sales (Qureka Lite)

Just share your experience with Qureka lite?

They make false claims.

  1. 1 Rupee per daily active user
  2. High ecpm
  3. High ad fill


  1. You will get only 50% share, plus any user will click on it for only one time. Quizzes are not good, they are an Indian company but Quizzes are about USA.

  2. Ecpm - 0.18$ to .45$

  3. Low fill rate - 60%

My experience - Daily Download 2.8k
Daily Page view around 4k
Impression 2.4k
Ecpm .32
Estimated Earning - 1.26 dollar
I’ll get 1.26/2 = 0.63
Monthly 19 Dollar = 1400 rupee