Is niotron different from app inventer? why niotron so fast than other app builder

i want to know. is niotron different from app inventer?

Hello @Re-vision_point

  1. Niotron is somewhat different in case of it’s components as it has more components than other builders.

  2. Niotron is not different in case of App Inventor Distribution

  3. Niotron has good looking interface than other builders now

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  • More block options
  • Better UI
  • Fewer compilation errors
  • Necessary and agile updates without much delay
  • More plugins to use
  • Some less weight in the compilation of the apps
  • Better optimization in projects with large number of blocks
  • Shorter compilation and execution times

That’s what makes this builder different from others!

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From my experience. More bugs also but I think Niotron team are working on it.