Is it possible to change the theme of the displayed elements?

Hello! Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question. Please tell me, is it possible to change the view of all elements at the same time? I mean change the default theme.
As an example, I will give app inverter. In the properties of the main page, you can select the theme of all elements at the same time.

Hello @evgeniy32 ,
Yes it can be achieved with a simple logic, you can create all the variables for your arrangements, button, label, and then you can create a procedure where you’ll take color as input now, when a dark theme button will be clicked then call that procedure and then set the background color of your arrangements as that Color
Hope it will be helpful

It is clear only in general terms. And could you give a specific example of how to implement this, for example, with a text field. And I’ll deal with the rest by analogy.

I have made a small guide for you check it out

Changing the color of the elements is not difficult, I mean how you can change the shape or frame of the text field. A normal text field is displayed as an underlined line. Is it possible to make a standard text field display as a frame instead of an underline?
Thanks for answers!

Yes you can just put all the things in procedure

@evgeniy32 Niotron has some special components know as Material components you can use them to make a super awesome UI

if you don’t know what are material components the visit here

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