Is Facebook bidding with Ironsource possible?

Hello everyone!
I want to do Facebook bidding with Ironsource in Niotron. Is it possible? If yes, someone please create a guide on how to do it. I guess Niotron announced that in the next update, Applovin Max bidding will be available a month ago. Is it available now? Please create a guide on how to do it.


@iaditya_nanda @tanishraj please help on this topic

Yes it’s possible

We didn’t make such an announcement yet! But we’ll surely add Applovin Max bidding in future updates.

There are a few other posts already created on this topic. Please search in community before creating new or tagging someone.

When the next update may come ?

Please add this applovin Max ads network most of user find this
Please take this update users highly recommended

Please give an update if as soon as possible

I sure those user they are using Facebook audience network ads they will be happy
And in my opinion presently most of user use Facebook ads.

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Please give an update Facebook audience network ads bidding with applovin Max

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As @tanishraj this is possible but I don’t have that much experience with ads as I personally don’t use ads in my apps So I can’t help much in this

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Which components we should drag? for facebook bidding with iron source

Facebook ads adapter and iron soure ad components

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I got confused because a certain YouTuber dragged facebook components and FB adapter too. Thank you

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Link not available

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link is broken

There is only one video on YouTube fir this topic and sane confused me too. That guy sometimes explains using ironsource component and later does same thing using Facebook component.
Logically, he is incorrect since putting fb component will not bring ironsource ads.

Bro, i wish to put multiple ad units in my app but in ironsource bidding, only single option is given. How to do it?

Also, ironsource also provides one non bidding option for Facebook ads in which we can add multiple add units, but then how come it will understand which ad we wants to call???
I am pretty confused with their interface.
In order to show their ads in niotron, components asks for key only and key is common for all ad types then how it will be distinguished?