Is any way to set rounded corners on card view or any arrangement with Bkground Image

Hi, Everyone

Can anybody help me to set rounded corners on cardview or any arragnemt. I searched & tried a lot but could not get solution.In other builders it can be done with card view. Here I can also set rounded corners with beautify component & other extensions but with color only when i set image background nothing works.


:no_mouth: this community is only for niotron don’t send other builders screenshots. :niotron:

So I think that it is not possible in Niotron :niotron:

It’s possible in niotron too just increase radius.

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So please share it with us

Please post the rounded card views photo


BTW, can you tell me that what app are you using for trackpad

:expressionless: it will not preview in site when you export then you can see that.

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It’s puffin browser,

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Ok :ok_hand: Thanks for telling us

Thanks :+1::blush: @killer.

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Are u able to make round corner if background is image ?.. i know through beautify component we can set radius but that does not works when image is background

I think you should check it by doing

I am already doing it & working for something. I think they have fixed it now… but one problem is still there for me when i set image in card view with radius it looks fine in app… but when i try to save image of that card view then the saved image has no radius.

I was trying it on color now its working fine on color… but image problem is still there… in other community i saw there is a component image editor through which we can set radius to image. If Niotron adds that type of component which i think will solve the problem.