Introducing BETA Version

We’re excited to announce the BETA version of the builder!.

We have been working on a number of new features and improvements that we are excited to share. As far as our experience goes, it’s been evident that pushing large updates and new features never built before does cause significant bugs and issues in the production and workflow of our users. It’s quite hard to debug when something goes wrong in a large update since there are a lot of changes thus we have decided on releasing the beta version which lets all our users to test and notify us of any issues and bugs before we push them to the production version.

We were also having trouble releasing consistent updates as one more more feature pending would delay a whole update. So in the beta version we have integrated CI/CD . As soon as we push a new feature to our repository, its available for all the users to experience and test. (BTW we do test things as much as we can before we push any code changes to our repo.)

So , What does this mean to the average user?
For the average user, this means more stable production builder and quicker updates. The beta version should never be used for production apps. If you are working on some personal projects or if you are learning to make new apps or having fun with it, do feel free to try out the beta version. The beta version wont be a stable platform. There may be data loss, so keep your projects backed up locally. There are also chances for a project to get corrupted and may never be recovered, so always have multiple backups if you are working on the BETA version.

There are a lot of new under the hood updates in the beta version. You may notice some performance difference in the load times, etc. Do keep us posted if you notice any improvements or if things get worse.

Users who provide consistent and valid feedbacks on the beta version will receive a Beta Tester Badge and will be invited for more insider testing and early access to our new products.

Is this Update Available to All?
Yes, the beta version can be accessed now at :

Does it affect my Main Builder Projects?
No, it doesn’t. The beta version and the main builder does not share any databases. It is both different instances.

Are there limitations like Monetization and Asset limit?
Yes, those still exists. But we are coming up with some changes soon (Maybe some free stuff?)

Do I have to download a new Companion?
Yes, there will be a different companion, updated regularly, available at:

That’s it for now! We will keep you updated on the Changelog Topic for the beta version.

Thank you all.