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InMobi is an excellent Ad Network to monetize your app and boost Ad Revenues




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Bro I appreciate your work, but it’s too costly why anyone would buy your extension since niotron monetization cost only 250. and they can easily add InMobi ads in next update on request. So try to lower the price if you want anybody to buy it

Is 350Rs costly?

Also, You can see InMobi in list of Best Ad Networks and Nice Ecpm

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Oviously because niotron take only 250pm and they will add in next update for sure on request and u are charging 350 after buying we still have to pay 250 to use extension then it is too costly no one will buy I think u should lower the price. But ur choise. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, 250pm and 350 forever make a difference ryt?

Fact: World famous game Subway Surfers is Partner of InMobi and Subway surfers has Billions of downloads…

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Really Is Subway Surfer game is a partener of Inmobi

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Clearly Visible

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Thanks, A Lot for Your Valuable Extension. You Helped A Lot Of Inmobi Ads Platform Users. I Am Requesting the Niotron Team To Add This Ads Network To Builder As Soon As Possible.

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350 forever I know but we still have to buy 250pm plan to use this in builder :slightly_smiling_face:

No this is one time payment 350


250 is per month that means in 1 year = 12 × 250 = 3000 so

Purchasing this extension is Worth

Nice work @LGdeveloper :heavy_heart_exclamation:


What why did you want to pay throughout any year just make two apps or more apps and buy motization for all of that apps and you can get monetization for all your app just in one time. No need to buy monetization pack throughout the year use your brain.

@Lijowilson Here all your Doubts

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about pricing.

Q1 Do I have to buy a subscription for each App/Project?
•No. Monthly subscriptions ( of app size, monetization, and assets ) enables your account to create new and update all your project projects. You don’t have to pay for each individual.

Q2 Will ads stop after the subscription ends?
•No. ads will be visible even after the subscription ends. But you can’t use the monetization component to create new or update old apps.

Q3 Can I use ad extensions?
•Yes, ad extensions are allowed, but you need a monetization subscription to compile your app.

Q4 Is a store account compulsory?
•Yes, to use any subscription, you have to purchase it from the store, and for that, you need an account with the same email you have on the builder.

Q5 I can only upload 1MB of assets per project?
•You can upload more than 1MB of assets in any project. But the limitation is, any assets should not be more than 1MB in size

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Note:-Please note this :no_entry_sign::warning::warning::warning:

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Also, This extension is published after complying with all niotron policies

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Yes, I think it is better to go with Niotron,
We should Pay 250 + 350, more calculations below…

So 3000 + 350 = 3350 !!!

please send inmobi ads ui interestial ads how looks inmobi ads in phone


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What are you saying this is only one time payment :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Yeah that is one time payment. But when the subscription will end… And he need to update his app he need to again but the ads subscription for compile the app. That means

If i go with niotron.
Subscription for ads component 250 + for one time update(if after one month) + 250=500
If i go with extension
350 for extension + 250 for compile+ if wanna update the app after one month… Then more 250 for compile so. = 850 :slightly_smiling_face: