In app update not working

My app update is live in play store, 3 days ago.
i check again and again but in app update is not working.
In play store its showing but in app not asking for update.

I set in app update : when update is available, Auto update to true.

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This is the issue, I guess.

What should i do then?? any solution?

try this maybe?

This extension is not that good. Have to do lots of work…

Non of app made in Niotron is working.
non of my app got update… :worried:

I wait for 4 days, in play store its show update but app not showing update popup…or any thing related to update.

Please do some thing…We cant left out user with bug application… :pensive:

This is one of the important component.

Thank you.

Hi, admin will soon see this issue. Till that if you have used one signal then use in app notification.

And don’t spam community by making same topic discussion 2 times. Admin please merge both topics.

Thank you :niotron:

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Okay. we’re looking into it

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After update 2.2.1 Still not working. I have never seen a popup for update in niotron app . I am using Niotron from 1 year i think.

I update my app, its showing update in playstore but not getting update, i waite for 5 hr but still the same

Do you mean that in app update feature is not working ??

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Yes in my case, its not working, as they have solve the issue, still not working. how it is possible.

I upload aab file in playstore. I upload at 2 pm day time. in 1 hr it was in playstore showing update.

But in app nathing was working. Auto update & Flexible are :heavy_check_mark: check.

Share me the app let me also try it

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Yes i am also facing such problem, It was working but now its not working. Do it take 1 day or if there is an update then it get update.

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i have find smthng untill niotron solve this problem…

we can use this extension.



its 2 days , not working. App not asking for any update.

We will fix in the coming patch. After investigating the issue


I think it should be like, " when screen 1 initialize" ( inappupdate check for update , if there is update start immediate update.

This process work better, then

" When update is available ".