Import Project into Niotron

When I Import my project intro niotron. Niotron generated a key for a project. This key is the same for all apps or niotron generating new key for every project when I Import?

Anyone know about this please guide me. Thanks

That’s it!

And, if you import a new keystore, it will replace the old one and be the same for your existing and future projects.

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I think the keystore is not saved with the aia file. It will always be the same keystore for all the apps in the account. If you use different keystores (because used others builders or because the app was originally created in android studio or whatever the reason) you must save and manage the keystore out of the builder and import it when you need to generate the apk / aab file.




:exclamation: … save keystores and keep them in safe places (computer, external SDcard, cloud, …)