iMGY: Encode anything into image and back to format!


Extension version (android):  2.0 
Java original version: 3.2 (not released)

Using this fun extension, you can process ANY file into a valid image & back without losing even a bit. The original algorithm was written 3 months ago by me, which now I made it for Android too!
It took over 2 weeks to fully complete it with every minor improvement.
Some past few days, I was working on this.

Documentation and Download

Visit the website:

Note the points

  • Changing a single pixel will make the image corrupt

  • Never compress the output with an external tool

  • Encoding depends on how large the file is, test: 65 KB 3.4s

  • Decoder if 4 times faster than the encoder

  • DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE | © 2020 - 21

Direct download

  1. Community download: com.kumaraswamy.imgy.aix 16.7 KB
  2. Google drive download: iMGY Download

Thanks! Any suggestions are appreciated!
May solve your doubts: Thread on Appinventor community

Visit my website:


Nice extension @Kumar :star_struck:

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