iMGY: Encode anything into image and back to format!


Extension version (android):  2.0 
Java original version: 3.2 (not released)

Using this fun extension, you can process ANY file into a valid image & back without losing even a bit. The original algorithm was written 3 months ago by me, which now I made it for Android too!
It took over 2 weeks to fully complete it with every minor improvement.
Some past few days, I was working on this.

Documentation and Download

Visit the website:

Note the points

  • Changing a single pixel will make the image corrupt

  • Never compress the output with an external tool

  • Encoding depends on how large the file is, test: 65 KB 3.4s

  • Decoder if 4 times faster than the encoder

  • DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE | © 2020 - 21

Direct download

  1. Community download: com.kumaraswamy.imgy.aix 16.7 KB
  2. Google drive download: iMGY Download

Thanks! Any suggestions are appreciated!
May solve your doubts: Thread on Appinventor community

Visit my website:


Nice extension @Kumar :star_struck:

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Hi, can we encode pdf with this aix?

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Yes, as said you can encode anything!

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can you show blocks it will be better

You can see the blocks here:


Can you encode large files, 500mb or 1 gb? without any problem?

Yes, possible friend. I have tried this on my computer with the file of GB. It took two to three minutes to encode even with 12 GB ram. So in theory, it’s possible but depends on the phone.

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