I'm very sad!

I’m so sorry. I trusted this niotron platform and built a big project. I spent a lot of time together. But even though it’s been a month now, I still can not add a project from my old builder.niotron.com to the new builder.niotron.com. At least the project cannot be imported to any other platform. I’m very sorry today for believing in this niotron platform then. I have been massaging community.niotron.com for about a month now to fix these bugs. But unfortunately they have not been fixed separately today. At least there is no mention of fixing it. I’m really sorry I spent so much time trusting this niotron platform. One can only wonder why it is so sad. I have already published the app in the playstore. Due to a bug in my last update, it is not working properly now. My last word is about a month now I could not fix the bug and publish a new update in the playstore.

I still tell you to set up the new builder.niotron.com so that the .aia files in the old builder.niotron.con can work properly.
Thank You.

Migration of projects just works well. Many users already did that. If you are still having problems please wait few days. A upcoming patch should fix the issue

yes…I also face same issue with my project when I import my project in new builder then it shows to me error while loading screen blocks

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I am very happy with your response. I hope the coming soon fixes the bugs.
We also request that any corrections be made to community.niotron.com.

when I import my project in new builder, it shows to me this error and my blocks is not showing.

@Souvik @abhijith @tanishraj



I face the same problem.

Unfortunately, the project is corrupt.

Guys please wait a little bit more… as @Souvik said, In upcoming patch this issue will get fixed.


In a way yes but is fixable…


Iam also facing this issue my all projects keystore lost because I can’t transfer :sob:

Can you send me a dm

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How ? I can you dm you have a insta ?

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hey @Razza_abbas as you are new you cant om then wait for @abhijith to pm you

Ok brother & i lost my apps keystore so team Niotron give me back my Projects & keystore?

i dont think that can come back maybe we can help you rebuild it

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