If clicked first time then show this if click 2nd time than show first value

Hey Team Niotron,
I am facing an issue ( i created Shayari App and shayari is available in English Label & Hindi Label and i added button name translate so what i want, if i click on Translate button first the default Text Hindi Label Should invisible and English Label Should visible & if we click on Translate 2nd time label English should invisible and default Label “Hindi Label” should visible ) Please help me Guys :grimacing:

Block Images(if Any)

sry but i can’t provide aia but if you want i can give you apk file


You can try this. However, this is an one time choice, meaning, app will reverted to its default language once the screen changed or app reopened.

If you want to remember the choice , use TinyDB.

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Thanks :heart_eyes: wait i am trying it

Don’t mind but i have another problem if anyone click on copy button then text should get copied it’s normal i can do it but if user click on translate button and after translate user only want to copy english language shayari text then How can i do it ?

if you don’t understant i will send you apk if you want or aia

I would like to test your app
Pleade Send me

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ok but i have removed all feature like translate

Sidebar.apk (5.2 MB)