I want to use youtube video play on my app without contol function

Hello, friends I want to use youtube video play on the app, but I don’t want to show skip control but i need youtube playing seconds on my label. is that possible?

Any idea about remove it ?

@Nep_Coin Experiment with overlapping an arrangement on the player.
Set the arrangement’s background color to transparent and use extensions to overlap it.

okay i will try

ok @Nep_Coin Try and if you still get error you are free to post here

can you provide me overlap extenction ?

@Nep_Coin Here

Advance Version:

thank you so much that

I am not sure if you can hide all those options but with Youtube api you can make a personalized player and some others things. Make a search there and may be it can solve your problem without doing things that are not allowed by Google TOS (and if you post the app in playstore it will be very important because your app might end up being rejected or removed for it)

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