I want To Become A modarator

I want To Become A modarator because it is an indian builder and i felling proud for that and i to request to admin please give a chance .

you cannot get moderator just like this you have to be a lot lot lot active on community and then also Staff will think that you can be a moderator or not

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You joined the community less than 24 hours ago. And you have a reading time of 1 minute.
Do you think becoming a moderator is that easy?

Nice spelling :joy:


Bro I am bangali and I don’t know English

first of all you need to know english and if you dont then you have to translate still this topic is for nothing staffs pls unlist the topic


Lmao, still you want to be a mod??

We appreciate your interest in Niotron. But to be a moderator you need to have some contribution in community


Not some
Much contribution :sweat_smile:

There’s no point in asking about it. If the Niotron staff think you deserve to be a mod, you will know in time.

Btw, your cover letter (headline: 6 words) contains spelling mistakes in the headline.
Is this a good start?

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I think its a very old topic @Anke
@Horizon I told you not to reopen very old topics until the Original Poster reopens it


@iAditya-Nanda I think that these old topics should be closed

Because there are many like this

This doesn’t mean that you can open it again that means you are willingly doing that are you ?

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No sir, I am not doing it willingly.
I get these kinds of topics under the topic we I am viewing

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And without seeing the date I replied :sweat_smile:

ok next time be carefull

Ok sir thank you and sorry

Yeah, I hadn’t noticed. :upside_down_face: