I need procedure--create list loop number component in Niotron

I want to make an app in niotron , i already created this app on kodular, now i want to create this app on niotron buit one component— Procedure- create list loop number , are not available in Niotron any budy help me i need this component

Do one thing convert your aia of kodular to niotron aia and import that you don’t need to make the whole app again

i was alredy tried this method but my kodular aia file not convert because in kodular aia some component have they not available in niotron

if any method , can i use create list loop number then i will use component in Niotron

Have you created “create list” procedure block in niotron :thinking:

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Share the aia of kodular @Jain and I will make the same procedure block in Niotron for you

ok i will give you if you can do
csir_aptitude (1).aia (1.9 MB)

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Wait for some time

ok i am waiting

@Jain use these blocks
Processing: jai ho.png…

AIA file
Procedure.aia (108.5 KB)

ok i’ll try it

Just copy paste the procedure block then try ok

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ok i’ll try

have you tried it ?