I need http request extension

how can I do it ???

You can use inbuilt web component of niotron

I want it to run in the background

it doesn’t work with background extension custom extension required

Use mit app investor’s xoma background task extension.

i used it but it doesn’t work

I talked to the developer and he said you should make a custom extension.

when i try to get others to do extensions it’s too expensive so i can’t get it done with money

Then you need background task extension not web component, your topic is of web component

what you say is impossible

but what I’m saying can happen, we will send a signal to the website at certain intervals in the background, which is the same thing.

Nothing is impossible in digital world but the thing is are we having such services or functions or programs to do these functions on any app inventor ?
we still don’t have so many functions and programs for app inventor such as kodular and niotron and others
this thing you can do easily on android studios because all we do is by our own method we can perform any function there and we are not restricted with resource and functions.
and all the thing of android studios will be soon possible on kodular and nioron and others in near future