I Need Dynamic Card View extension

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I need Dynamic Card View Extension. Dynamic Component extension Is not working . use to very hard . please give dynamic card view extension
Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

Use Dynamic component extension and if so not work send blocks


Working fine in niotron dude


I need to create card view button with dynamic components with color . Please send me blocks

What have you tried send here

i want to create automatic card view . i want to use card view as a button .

Use Dynamic component extension for creating dynamic card view or auto matic card view

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send me block . please

Ok wait for some time

When screen1 initialise
for each number from 1
       to = 5
       by = 1
Call DyanamicComponent1 Create
        in = "give an arrangement in which you want to create"
        component name = "CardView"
        id = getNumber

These code create 5 card view

ok thankx bro i will try it


If anyone have dynamic component extension please provide me


Please send me dynamic comp. extension



please provide me dynamic component extension

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@Aarha_Hu Please read -

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Show your blocks what’s the problem