i need create list loop number procedure for niotron

i need this create list loop number component for Niotron , this component are available in kodular but not in Niotron anyone can make guide me how can i make this for niotron , because ineed this component in Niotron

As seen in the image, apparently that “create_list (loop number)” is a procedure. If you create the procedure in Niotron it would work the same way as kodular, am I wrong?

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See my answer in your other (duplicate) thread


you’re still stuck at this even after 2 years… :roll_eyes:

i need this anyone click card view component for niotron like this , anyone can tell me how can i create this for niotron because now a time this option(when any card view click) are not av

ailable on kodular or niotron

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but on the left there are 3 sections: Built-in; [screen_name]; Any Component (the one you are looking for).

Right now you are in the blocks section of the screen, like this:

If you scroll down you will see the “Any component” section, which will have all the “any” variants…

Summary: Scroll down. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much , i am beginner in niotron so i don’t know every component. Thanks for help.

I am restarting Neotron after 2 years, till now I was working on Kodular

I see, you’re welcome, good luck in your projects!

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