I have more than 6K daily active users in my apps but i got only 3$ with admob why?

Hello coders, i have more than 6K daily active users in all my apps and i use interstitial, native, rewarded and banner ads but i got only 3$ daily why?

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Get away from Admob, nobody uses them anymore. They scam people

Niotron builder has an exclusive earing option that is bidding system you can use that with other networks :wink:

Admob pays a little for only ads impression Admob works on CPC method. That means you will earn more if your users will clicks on your ads. And as you know at this time no one going to click on any ads. Such a little bit of users who clicks on ads.


Ok thanks, i used Facebook Audience Network before they have a good ECPM but since bidding it not work for me. Ads show in app but no data, no impression in my dashboard. Does anyone use FAN nowadays?


Yes in my dashboard i see only 0 impression 0 ECPM 0 money but ads show in apps

When I used Admob, once they limited my InterstitialAds and reduced the eCPM on purpose, without prior informing or letting me know which was a huge violation of their own policies and a very huge scam.
I was using Admob for 8 months, with constantly limiting my ads (both announced and unnanounced) just so I can earn 15$ on total for those 8 months, and at the last 8th month my app started getting thousands of downloads in one day, and they took action on the same day to permanently ban my admob accont.

I would not mind if they didn’t liked my app and never accepted my admob account, but to take money from me, giving me false hopes for almost a year proved to me they are criminals.

They give you false hope to earn from you, and when its time for them to pay, they just say you violated their rules and be gone. That’s it, in a flash.

I strongly suggest nobody uses Admob, or at least you can try when you have very well established website/app with millions of visitors… I doubt they would risk giving you a ban (but it’s just a doubt) who knows what they are capable of…

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Thanks bro but what network do you use now?

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We are using Unity Ads only, as it’s the most safe & reliable one. Also I have information and compares that Unity Ads is now one of the highest paid ad networks, which of course depends on many factors…

  • How much ads you have
  • How well they are optimised
  • How much traffic your app has, from which countries…etc.

in countries like Australia, USA I’ve seen eCPM of a minimum of 100$
Been using UnityAds for more than a year now, and payment always arrive without delays.

If you choose ad networks, be careful very much. There are more like Admob that can scam you. Recently I heard one guy using startapp, reached 100$ of revenue, and they instantly banned his account. Perhaps there are more networks, that gives you false hopes and when the time comes for them to pay… they don’t…

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There is one site called yodo1

If such integration can be made inside your app, you can safely use a mediation of all networks without worrying about anything (including Admob)
They are powered by the 15 + top networks and mediators. Regarding Admob issues, no worry, because with MAS they will do all the networks configuration, and for Admob specifically they use Yodo1’s account, so you will not be losing revenue or get your account banned. You will be able to safely use all the ad networks.

However Yodo works in a revenue share, I believe you were getting around 80% of the total earnings and 20% are for Yodo, but it’s definitely worth it, as you can use all ad networks safely with very high eCPM…

The bad part is there is an SDK Integration option only, and as we all know, it’s not possible to integrate your own SDKs in Niotron App.
I guess if Niotron ever see this, they could consider integrating Yodo SDK ? so we can safely monetize our apps

Thanks bro for ur help :pray:

Bro, How much you get a eCPM in India. And I want to know that Unity Ads eCPM work with VPN or not.

Our eCPM in India is around 0.50$ 0.90$, it’s a Tier3 country after all.

Depending on your placements and app niche you might generate more. Don’t know about VPN

how is the fill rate from every tier country?
is it true that 1 user is limited to see not more than 25 ads per day?

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1. Is it true that 1 user is limited to see not more than 25 ads per day? - That’s not true. Even recently I speak with Unity Agent and he confirmed it. 1 user can watch unlimited ads. However if you wish, you can contact Unity and request to limit ads for a single user/per day… but default is unlimited.

2. how is the fill rate from every tier country? - Something I noticed with UnityAds, when new users view ads for a first time, usually it has very high Fill Rates ( around 95-100% ) But the longer the same users are viewing ads, the Fill Rates and eCPM gets lower overtime. Lets say for example you have 4000 new users joined today and using your app, likely the Fill Rates and eCPM will be higher. If those same 4000 New users keep on using the app after 4,5 months, your Fill Rates and eCPM will drop. If your app constantly gets new users, it will keep high & stable fill rates + eCPM.
Also again would want to keep in mind everything depends on how well your app ads optimized and from which countries your traffic is coming from.

what do you think about FAN and applovin? do you have experience using it?

Nope, never used before

what about iron source?