I have app closing Problem

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when i press back button on screen 1 . app going to another page .
Block Images(if Any)
blocks (23)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

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On which page it’s going?

last open page

Use close screen block in back pressed for get back in last open screen.

please read full topic

Remove this close application block as usually it closes the app only if it’s in Screen 1 and back pressed, and also tell us what you experienced

i want to close application when i m on screen 1

It’ll close it, just remove that close application block

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not working

try remove both blocks

We need to see all relevant blocks on all screens that close/open a screen.
Post the aia or a test aia that reproduces your problem.

as per my knowledge
you use many times when back pressed open screen 1
try disable it and check

You open screens multiple times. This inevitably leads to memory issues and problems when closing the app. You should first learn how to switch screens correctly. There are countless guides, topics and posts in all forums (AI2, Kodular, Thunkable, …).

Also here in this forum:

@Lucky_Jindal refer to this article

Juat replace the open screen block with close screen block…

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