I have a question

I want to ask something about niotron, does niotron have “Google Translate” component?

I have never used it but the component is on the list. Is in “Extras”:

It has the following blocks:

Man, with all the respect. you just have to type Google Translate, or just Google, or just Translate, in components search bar and you would find your answer. It would literally take less then 10 seconds. You must be more proactive.

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Ok. Thank you very much.

Hello, yes you are right but I cannot use the niotron website because I cannot register on the niotron website. That’s why I wanted to ask.

I see. Anyway, you can also use the Official Niotron Documentation. There you can find information about the components:

The link you provided helped me a lot, thank you very much.

You’re welcome. I’m glad to read that! :smile:

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