I have a problem In extension Development Please Help Me

Hello Every One ,
Please Help Me

Can any one tell me Solution

What exactly you’re using, Rush?

Yes Iam Using Rush

Then you can’t use Uses permission, desinger component and simple object

These usually defines the extension and it can be done without these in Rush

How to tell in a little detail

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Just skip these three things, your extension will compile easily without these don’t worry

ok i will check

Hello Sir ,
Screenshot 2022-03-24 083817
i am getting this error

How are you compiling the code

rush build

I use this code

Show full log

Why I am getting this error

What exactly you want to achieve with this

Will you please explain me the use of this class

MyReple.java (4.6 KB)
You Check This file

But first please explain me the use of this class

I will create a webview Container

We have bulk of extensions, why you are creating new

Like Custom Web View by Sunny_Gupta

No I load A url using webview in extension

First of all please show your whole log and then of possible send all the java files

This Is the whole Log .
Check This