I Get This Error How To Resvole It When I Use Firebase

I Get This Error I Just Use Firebse OTP Verfication Can Anyone Help Me

Jishnu,Your UI


Re-upload the json file provided by firebase, update the Keystore if necessary and then repack the apk.

Ok let Me Try @Quantumtec

Same Error @Quantumtec

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Not Working Still

These Are My Blocks

You are trying to login or authenticate with firebase, aren’t you?
You are using the firebaseAuth & Firebase Core plugin, aren’t you?

Pd:You found the solution, didn’t you?

No i did not find the soloution

Please cover your firebase ID and Key, don’t show those sensitive things, anyone will access your data.



And I Am Using Otp For Login

Done @Quantumtec I Covered Them


Wait I do the verification project, let’s see if it’s not a bug of the platform xD

OK @Quantumtec Thanks For Helping me

You have entered wrong firebase app name

Acatully In The Starting I Named It As Fitness App And Renamed Niotron Apps Login @Faraz_Firoz

Firebase is working fine with authentication, check that everything is spelled correctly, even the name of the app package.
Both in firebase and builder!

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Okay @Quantumtec thanks