I create app use admob banner it not show ads

Hello everyone, Please help me I created Admob abnner it not show app but when I use test mode is how ads test

Please see my screenshort block

Please help me fix this problem.

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You are loading ads in a wrong way

you can tell me how to do it.

Hello @Tim_Malyka,
Welcome to Niotron!

yes, thank,

Can you tell me know to do it for show adsmob

Please wait for iAditya-Nanda’s reponse

Yes, Thank

Also no SDK initilizing of Applovin max native and banner ads.

See, i have never monetized my application as I’m here to learn not to earn therefore, i don’t have any knowledge about monetization, I’m sorry i can’t help you,
Else I would have surely helped you

so who can help me here, no support help here.

I have already told that @iaditya_nanda will help you, as he is one of the expert in Niotron

If you have added your device as test device in admob then you have to export app, ad will show in exported app. If it doesn’t work then refresh Niotron builder page and check if your app ID is saved or not. If your app is not on play store then use test ad ID while app development from here…

Load the add on-screen initialize and use the error block to check the error if any error is shown then share the details

When tick test ads it show. When i use real it not show. And I tried export got error ads component

Can you do sample on blocks

your app must be on the play store or any other app store in order to receive real ads from admob and generate revenue

But test created app on k.o.d.ul.ar similar your platform i test real ads it show ads… i cannot build app also

If you have added your device as test device in admob dashboard. This might help in showing original test ads using your original Ad unit ID.
Before this I suggest to publish a Minimum working app on play store to get easy approval from admob and then you can work on implementing original ads in your app.
By this you won’t get any error for showing ads using your Ad unit ID.

what can be my issue , i am not able to show any native ads not real not even test ads, with test ads unit id.
error is : No ad config.
Its a week i am dieng to see a native admob ad. i try every posible way.

It would be a pleasure if I could help! But I don’t have monetization package! Therefore, I can suggest :

  1. Add a test device in your AdMob account.

  2. Based on AdMob’s new policy, you can’t show ads until your app is reviewed^ by AdMob.

^ If your app is on Google Play and/or any other app store supported by AdMob^^, it fasten the review process. But if you don’t have your app published yet, you are still eligible to show ads, but with several limitations. To to able to show ads without any limitations, your app must be listed to a supported app store^^.

^^ At this time, AdMob supports the Amazon Appstore, OPPO App Market, Samsung Galaxy Store, VIVO App Store, and Xiaomi GetApps and of course, the Google Play.

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No, I test create app on other platform is working fine but they charge commistion. so that why I want to use Niotron and buy monetization package.