I can't upload .aar libraries

Hello everyone, :wave:
In this Patch 2.4 release note, I can see -

But I can’t upload the aars except jars. Any reason ? Or I am doing something wrong ?

You will need to clone jarlissons PR repo to compile extensions to support aar

Didn’t understood :sweat_smile: .

a side way to do so is :

  1. Build your Aix
  2. open in Winrar
  3. create a folder named aar
  4. put aar in it

PS : Make sure to remove classes.jar from aar to avoid build error


@LGdeveloper Can you send me screen recording please ? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Well, can’t you just understand written text :confused:

Well, I agree, aar issue comes in matter of apk compilation