I am scared about my decision to migrate from kodular to niotron

I have been using Kodular for over 4 years but after seeing their worst service and updates, I am thinking of migrating to Niotron. I’m scared because I’m not sure if this will be the right decision or not, any motivational words? Is it a good decision for me to migrate here?

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It’s a good and best decision. We have been using app inventors for more than 3 years. During the period 2020-2021, we used Kodular but that Kodular is a complete disaster. Since moving to Niotron, it’s a whole different story, simply because Niotron puts user experience in the first place.

Here are few points to consider as to why you should migrate from Kodular to Niotron

  • No Ads commissions in Niotron - Unlike Kodular, having who knows what ridiculous commission percentages, with Niotron you just purchase plan and you are free to go. Plans are very cheap

  • Unlimited Extensions in free plan - With Niotron free plan you can have, I believe, unlimited extensions, where with Kodular is 5. Like who at Kodular thought this would be a good idea to implement ? Another ridiculous decision

  • Components comparisons - Niotron have approximately 100% more unique and new components, than Kodular. For example if I want to migrate from Niotron to Kodular, I will have to remove content/features from my projects simply because they don’t exists in Kodular

  • Bug Priority - Niotron fixes bugs with utmost priority, where kodular will never even respond to your messages. There are literally years old bugs in kodular.

  • BETA Builder - Niotron have a beta builder to test new updates, before going live.

These are just some of the reasons as to why you should migrate as soon as possible… in fact why is anyone still using Kodular ? The Kodular died long time ago and even their App Inventor migration will not resolve this.

Just compare the two builders now. Niotron already targets SDK 33, where Kodular don’t. This should be enough to understand which platform prioritizes user experience

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Thank you, I have decided now…

and now it’s NIOTRON :grinning:

Are you sure Niotron Targets Android 33?

but sdk 33 is available in main builder

I agree on almost all points.
The hurdle for switching from Kodular to Niotron is that you have to rebuild your projects almost completely from scratch.

But it’s worth it, because the bugs in Kodular are no longer countable. You never know what’s coming next.

After the targetSdk = 33 update was finally made to Kodular a few days ago, we unfortunately have to realize that, firstly, it is incomplete and secondly, numerous new bugs have been added. It’s just a disaster.


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