I am new here

Hello to everybody.
I try to emmigrate from kodular. But I have some problems;

I imported a very tiny project to test the niotron creator, but i can not open it, since half hour I see this;

and wanted also try the aico converter but receive this message;

Hello @burger :wave:t2:
Welcome to Niotron,
We have seen that aico converter is not working well, therefore it is highly recommended to make your project from scratch.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.

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Hello dear welcome to Niotron.

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And I can either not find the Niotron companion on google play store

You can find the companion in

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Do you mean this scratch; scratch.mit.edu ?
I checked in the pages but could not find any aia support.

No no, i don’t mean scratch.mit.edu,
Scratch means, from starting;